Sunday, August 31, 2003

Hi Folks--

As you can see, www.kaciebane.com is finally seeing some growing pains, thanks to my ever faithful CTO. It is my sworn duty to bring the website into full-service this fall--thanks for the patience. And, cross your fingers in the hopes that Cave Creek, Arizona will soon be blessed with a high speed internet solution.

As for myself, I am no longer a classified resident of Washington state--I was granted Arizona state residency. It's been good to be back here, though my trip up north was great. It's been funny being here this week as a 'veteran' rather than a newbie. Classes at ASU began last week, and I'm enrolled for 12 graduate credit hours. Apparently, block pricing exists once you reach nine hours, so I thought, what the heck! Plus, as I've been telling folks, I'd like to finish up by December 2004, rather than May 2005. Time and money being my motivating factors.

The homefront is good, we had a few "plant casualties" as Mike put it, but nothing a fun day at Home Depot's Nursery won't cure once the weather cools down a bit. I've made a few resolutions for the fall, like trimming the fat out of the budget and the backside. My Wyoming friend(s) are going to be seeing more of me at the ranch as I start with Jodi on horsemanship lessons. That should be fun, informative, and a quality activity.

I would like to plan a big Thanksgiving (birthday party!) here in Cave Creek at the house, with the hopes of enticing some of the northerners to come southwest and get out of the cold. Start thinking about it!

Ohmygosh! There's a huge squirrel on the porch! Wow! I know it sounds funny that a large squirrel is on top of the hot tub, but animals here are usually small and compact, like most of the vegetation. Insects and snakes on the other hand, are large! Well, that was fun. :-)

I think that's about it, and I think I like this blogger thing, too. It will be a good way to keep up with everyone, or rather, for everyone to keep up with me. I hope you check back often and feel free to email me when you get the chance. I hope to have a miracle wireless situation set up here at home sometime in the near future.

A big thanks to all those who kept me entertained, fed, watered, and put to bed over the course of my vacation in Washington. I am one lucky girl.

Take care of yourselves.


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