Saturday, September 13, 2003

So, on Tuesday night I went to my first Diamondbacks game at B.O.B. That is Bank One Ballpark, not to be mistaken with Buy One Beer. I went with Lucy, my new grad student who I am mentoring (I use the term lightly) and her friend from L.A. That sounds so hip, doesn't it?! Nonetheless, the game was versus the Dodgers, and I got to see two grand pitchers: Randy Johnson and my favorite closer, Eric Gagne (gone-yay). The game was not impressive; the ball park, I thought even less so! Nothing can beat Safeco for beautiful newness with an old time feel. I know that doesn't sound right, but it's true. BOB's nice, but it's nothing special...

At any rate, I was regaling the gals with some of my unique Arizona experiences like the cowboys and the rattlesnakes and spiders the size of Rhode Island. Gagne made short work of the 8th and 9th, so everyone could get home in time to watch Queer Eye for the Straight Guy--except for me, because I live an hour north of the ballpark. I pull onto my dirt road about eleven, and there in my headlights, is a big 'ol shadow of an arachnid trying to cross the road. I saw it's shadow before I saw IT!!

Of course, in my newfound sense of boldness in the desert, I pull up slowly like I'm Jeff Corwin in a Land Rover and jump out with my point-and-shoot camera that I keep in my purse for just these occasions (e.g. Tarantula Sightings). The neighbor's dogs go wild at the fence, I step right in the path of Mister Spider On Steroids, and he commences to pose for me in the headlights, on top of my shoe. This of course, was to show scale. I was not brave enough to show "scale" with my hand.

Crikey!! :-)

On a sad note, Kenny (my Powerbook) died today, along with Johnny Cash. In the infamous words of Donna Somers, I Will Survive.

And, I believe Kenny will come back for another episode if I have any say in the next writer's meeting.


Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Oh, and I went to Costco last night and I grabbed a cart. When I got it inside, it had this really annoying, rough ride on the concrete, like there were studded tires on it or something. So, I look down, and the rubber on the wheels had basically melted off. Subsequently, there were strips of mangled rubber (and missing rubber) on all the wheels. The guy next to me had the same kind of problem and the Costco Boy walks by and says, "Yeah, yesterday afternoon about 2 o'clock, that asphalt just got so hot that it melted the carts to the pavement and they got stuck."

I live in an oven. And the streets are not made of Teflon.


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