Tuesday, October 21, 2003

So many things to report, so little of your time! Nonetheless, we've got to go over my weekend, last week's bombshell, and the general air of Kacie Bane, Inc.

So I went to Virginia last weekend to see Gunny's new house, see the leaves change, and catch my sister in her element. I was spoiled rotten with homecooked meals carefully prepared by Maestro Gunny (with the advent of a quick call to Mom for her egg noodle recipe to go with the chicken soup).

Saturday was spent at the Virginia Gold Cup Steeple Chase, one of the largest events held in Warrenton & attended by thousands from all over. Ponies of that nuture are a helluva lot different than the ranch horses I've been riding lately! We also watched the Jack Russel Terrier Races--Foxtail Fury!! Myself, Lucinda, Ron and his neighbors were in attendance. Kim had connections and got us "on the hill" for members exculusively. Fun stuff--Funny Feathered hats on the ladies. Email me for the photo collage I put together if you haven't seen it already. We had a nightcap at the local Irish Pub, Molly's, but the atmospheric pressure was pretty subdued so we called it a night. Such is life in Warrenton.

Lucinda headed back to Maryland on Sunday morning, Gunny & I took a Sunday drive through the Shenandoah Mountains. Weather was great, breezy & brisk on the mountain, the leaves just beginning to turn. We also stopped in Sperryville at an apple facility-turned-antique warehouse and snapped a photo of me and the General Lee (the Dodge Charger made famous on the Dukes of Hazzard).

My flight out was supposed to be at 745am the next morning, but it was oversold so they dangled travel carrots: first class and travel voucher if you agreed to go on the next flight. One catch: next flight at about five o'clock! Nonetheless, I thought, what the heck, I'll stay. So, I shuttled myself back to downtown Washington, D.C. and walked around our nation's capitol in the glorious weather and memorials. It was awesome! I saw the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Vietnam Vet Memorial, the Reflection Pool (ahem, Dubyah, there's no water in it!), the Potomac River (rather unfettered and pretty, surpisingly), and a myriad of state buildings like the Treasury, history museums, and the EPA which seemed to be blocks and blocks! Of course, the first thing I did was stand in front of the White House and called Kimiko! En route, I also saw the Pentagon. And I survived my first subway experience.

All in all, I made it back to the airport, flew first-class back home, and they doubled my travel voucher! It really was a perfect weekend jaunt--weather, activities, scenery, and the company kept.

Now for the bombshell I spoke of earlier, if you haven't heard already: I have to move! Mikey got a job with the Feds and is selling the house and moving to Chicago! He'll be gone by Saturday. I, on the other hand, will be here in an empty shell of a house, searching in vain for an equally agreeable place to reside. So, be prepared to hear me whine about it for awhile.


Other than that, I haven't done a damn thing. :-)


Friday, October 03, 2003

Hi folks, I've got a few minutes. Here's what happened since last time:

Kenny's mind is on DVD (thanks to LA David). Kenny's body is in my closet. Kenny's mind and body are waiting to come together in a blissful Apple OSX moment. Stay iTuned.

I spent a wild and wooley weekend with a women's rugby team from New Mexico State University via a long lost high school pal. I think I might have some ruggers over for Thanksgiving now. Mikey will have to hide.

I replaced the skeletal remains of my summer plants with new ones for the Fall 03 Porch Beautification Project (sounds like a non-profit). Earlier this week I was tending to them after dark in my slippers and PJs when I heard one of those bo-gun-vee-yah leaves rustle up by the kitchen door. Mind you, there wasn't a stitch of wind. I looked over there (five feet) and there was the biggest freakin' SCORPION I have ever seen in real life! The other two little ones that I found (one dead and one that tried to get me in the kitchen sink once) officially do not count. Of course, first thing: go tell Mikey! Mikey dispatched it with a shovel handle, but it took more than seemed necessary to mangle it to death. It was tossed uncermoniously into the yard, where the next day, I could not find the carcass. Nothing is wasted in the desert. Some ant the size of Texas probably hauled it off.

It seems that a lot of stuff is to take place soon, like:

• Alabama farewell concert at Cricket Pavillion this weekend
• Arizona State Fair opens October 9
• Charity BBQ & Trailride event in Redondo Beach, CA October 11-12
• Trip to Viriginia to see the leaves change October 18-19
• Cave Creek Wild West Days October 25 where I intend to win the pie baking contest
• Trip to Marfa, Texas to see sculptor/architect Judd's work Nov 1-2
• Lia's Birthday (and mine Observed) on Nov 6
• My Birthday Nov 23 and I want to throw a big Birthday/Thanksgiving/Orphan Bash at the house.
Tickets are going fast! Act now!!

Okay, I have to go to class now, I hope everyone is well. Be good to yourselves: sleep in.


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