Wednesday, November 05, 2003

So if you followed the schedule a few blogs below, you'd see that I've seen a few places this past 60 days.

I survived Texas, but barely. I thought my head would split in
two on the way down in El Paso (because I fell crazy ill last week), I was almost in tears
from the pain of landing! Our plane was two hours late, our drive was four
hours long, we arrived at two a.m. to a tiny casita you couldn't fart sideways in with no WATER.
Needless to say, the trip was an 'experience' and my 'experience' as a
negotiator (a.ka. No Bull Shitter) got us out of the casita for half price
and into the beautiful historical Paisano Hotel (where the
stars of Giant stayed when they were filming--liz taylor, rock hudson, james dean)
for less than $28 a head. Anyway, the actual highlight of the trip was back
in El Paso on Sunday afternoon at the Lucchese boot store
where I got a pair of smooth ostrich ropers for half price. Retailing is always the
salve that soothes the soul....

M O V I N G-------------------------------------
Yes, that's what I have to do again, folks. For a lot of you, this isn't exactly raising your eyebrows,
but it's got my panties in a wad.
Plan A: live in empty Mikey house and actively search out new place
Plan B: When house sells, I have 30 days to sianara

Other than that, Monday's session at school was depressing and annoying as I stare down the barrel of the other end of the semester--it's kind of like looking at the ass end of anything, it's just not the most pleasing view. Oh well, I'll make it. Send reinforcements. Wait, refreshments maybe?

By the way, I'm going back to Virginia for my birthday and Thanksgiving.

I'm sure I'll tell you all about it. • It's what I do. • I am Kacie, Storyteller, hear me blog.

Peace out


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