Friday, April 09, 2004

Heya, Folks!

Long time, no time, but just because I had a big day, I'm going to tell you about it.
RQL--Real Quick Like

First Year Graduate Presentations were today. That means we had to give a five minute Howdy Do to the faculty and fellow grad students about our thesis topic, etc. I told my compatriots that I could make the presentation in five minutes as long as I didn't tell any stories. [ha!] I posted my presentation in the Pictures! folder, so y'all have a clue (because most of the time, I don't) about my schoolin'. BIG thanks to my trusty research assistant who narrowly missed an arrest in the Bookmobile whilst gathering "data" for her darling daughter.....

A snapshot of yesterday's outfit is in the Pictures! because this weekend is Fiesta Days & Cave Creek Rodeo!!

Now mind you, last year, when it was all said and done, I was found in the closet and never made it to the rodeo. This year, maybe not so crazy since Mikey is gone, but nevertheless, the Chip is having another ...contest.

I asked Larry, the Buffalo Chip owner, the other day as he was going out, "Hey Larry! What's this contest on Saturday?"

He says without skipping a beat, "Honey! It's no contest. You enter. You win!!"

We have to celebrate a birthday tomorrow for a Wyoming buddy, we have gymkhana tomorrow, too, and I'm riding a five year old unfinished grey mare to show for sale, and I plan to make the Big Feast on Sunday for everyone at the WY place.

Big big weekend. I really can't wait--I've been working hard! Thanks to those keeping me on my toes, and not stepping on them when I fail to make enough time for you. I always think of everyone, at a constant rate--I hope that the vibes get recieved as I send them out.

Happy Easter. My second year in a row with no egg hunt! Egads! Egg-ads.


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