Friday, March 18, 2005

Heya Folks, long time, no blog. I won't bore you with the details. Just know that I'm on the up and up and here is the general itinerary. The only things that are penciled in are Jackson Co. Fair. The rest of it, the ink is almost dry.

Las Vegas March 25 - 27
A girls party with a posse from Jackson, WY. Stay tuned for results of dramatics.

Boston April 10 - 13
Opening day at Fenway Park for Red Sox vs. Yankees. I hope the seats are near the Coors Light stand, the only one in the stadium!

Master's Thesis Oral Defense April 18 - 10:30am
This is the visual and oral presentation of my master's thesis in front of my committee and peers. I get 1/2 hour to explain the deal, they ask me questions afterward, then hopefully they sign off on it and we move on to the next calendar event.

ASU Commencements May 12 and 13
The big ceremony at Wells Fargo Arena is on the 12th and the ceremony for my college, the College of Architecture and Environmental Design, is on the 13th.

Ireland June 24 - July 10
What can I say? When you graduate from college (again), you go to Europe to "find yourself", right? Right. Castles, countryside, horseback, and maybe fly fishing. Oh yeah, Guiness Brewery for Scott's 30th Birthday. It's really all about the beer, nevermind a master's degree.

Teton County Fair July 24-31
This is a penciled in item as I would like to repeat my visit to Jackson Hole again, this time, make it even better.

Seafair, Seattle August 5 - 7
I am totally expecting that this year's turnout will return to its Glory Days and our "Friendship Reunion" will be the stuff made of memories. You can expect yet another fabulous marketing piece to arrive in your mailboxes at some point early this summer. Make your travel arrangements now, people. No excuses.

Bonina Ranches Eltopia, WA August 8 - 13
This is another penciled in item on my list. Nina suggested I come spend a week at Bonina and get some real work done. :-) I've got all summer to hone my horsemanship skills in the event that I can come to "camp" at Bonina and maybe learn a little more about cow cutting. Jodi had me buy a rope, so I'm learning how to rope as well. Bonina is scheduled to build a roping arena as well, so who knows what kind of trouble I could get into!

Klickitat Co. Fair August 18 - 21
Of all the things that change in my life, between graduations, moving, boys, and underwear, twelve years have gone by in which this one thing doesn't get changed: I go home for the fair and I mean it. I'll report in at the hitchin' post on Sunday the 14th. Come back home, too. It's good for everyone.


Other than that, I've been working, working out, playing, playing out possibilities.

I got lucky and have a nice little full color 32+ page sports magazine that I'm the "art director" of. Built it from scratch and it looks like it. Two more issues before the summertime and it should really be something to gawk at by then. Working on the last parts of my thesis, and feel good about it. I will design a book of the entire project so that I have something beautiful and tangible to show for my three years at ASU in the School of Design. I'm excited to be able to show it to you.

Thanks to everyone for your continual love and support and keeping Planet Kacie in orbit.

Words I'm living by these days: Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.


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