Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Yeah, that's right. It's been one year and ten days since I last blogged you! Here's what's revolving around Planet Kacie:

|7 8 9 July 2006| GHS CLASS OF 1996 REUNION
To the left in the CUSTOMERS link, you will find both classmate and faculty invitations to our 10 Year Class Reunion to be held in Goldendale during Community Days. You can download a self-addressed return envelope as well. I will be mailing, via U.S. Postal Service: the invitations, self-addressed, STAMPED envelopes for your RSVPs. Deadline to respond is May 31, 2006. If you're a few days past, we don't care, we just want you to be there (and help us get a headcount)! Thanks to all those helping out with the manhunt (which is still ongoing--we have about 20 missing still) and the offers to help. Questions | Concerns | General Inquires: kacie@kaciebane.com

Summer's On
|1 2 July 2006| World's Oldest Rodeo - Prescott, Arizona

|7 -9 July 2006| GHS Ten Year Class Reunion - Goldendale, Washington

|23-30 July 2006| Teton County Fair & Rodeo - Jackson, Wyoming

|4 -7 August 2006| Seafair - Seattle, Washington

|21 August 2006| ASU Fall Semester/Teaching GRA 220 Design Drawing - Tempe, Arizona

|24 -27 August 2006| Klickitat County Fair & Rodeo - Goldendale, Washington



Other than that,

I lost 25lb since this time last year (and one bad relationship)

Then I

Gained about 1000lb and a much better relationship : I bought a horse (and damn near killed him in the desert last Sunday)

(He's in the Pictures! link to the left)

Floyd T. Johnson is his name (aka Hawks Beduino). We're working barrels and cattle (Jodi's got me hooked on team roping--breakaway is next!), as well as lessons (I've got almost 15 clients that I instruct in the art of Western riding each week!)

It's all good on Planet Kacie. Good people, good weather, good times. Thanks to everyone who make it a pleasure to live here.

Over and out.


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